Monday, October 17, 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Now that the semester has started and I'm teaching college again, I've discovered that I simply can't make as many foods from scratch as I did over the summer. My goal these days is to make big meals once a week so that I can eat easily the rest of the week!

Sunday - I had friends over for brunch after church and made a hash brown potato casserole and an oven omelet. For dinner I cooked up some french toast and we ate leftover has brown casserole with it. I made a HUGE amount of french toast, so I will be eating that for breakfast, and maybe for dinner too this week until I am sick of it.

Monday - Tonight I made enough hamburgers so that I can eat them for dinner for the next couple nights. The meat is from LOCAL, a store near me that sells local, grass fed meats. I basted the hamburgers with teriyaki sauce and ate one on a bun with pineapple rings. Yum! Side dishes were broccoli and baked beans.

Tuesday - leftovers from Monday, eaten quickly before I attend a meeting of the local chapter of the Holistic Moms Network.

Wednesday - more leftovers from Monday.

Thursday - most likely will need to finish up the french toast.

Weekend - I'll be away visiting friends, so they will be feeding me and I'll most likely eat a couple of meals out.

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