Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hour 5 - My Goals for the Read-a-Thon

My goals in the next 19 hours are to finish 4 books that I've started:
The Lions, by Peter Campion (poetry)
In a Beautiful Country, by Kevin Prufer (poetry)
Love's Immensity: Mystics on the Endless Life, adapted and translated by Scott Cairns
I Am Hutterite: The fascinating true story of a young woman's journey to reclaim her heritage, by Mary-Ann Kirkby

And here are some new books I'd like to read:
Little Bee, Chris Cleave (novel)
The Gatekeepers: Inside the Admissions Process of Premier College, Jacques Steinberg
Tinkers, Paul Harding (novel)
The Shadow of Sirius, W.S. Merwin (poetry)
What the Best College Teachers Do, Ken Bain
Why Read?, Mark Edmundson

I also need to read 22 student essay tests for my class. Not exactly a book, but reading nonetheless!

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