Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hours 5 and 6

Love's Immensity: Mystics on the Endless LifeDuring hours 5 and 6 I graded 4 tests and finished reading the book Love's Immensity, by Scott Cairns. Love's Immensity is a collection of prayers and spiritual writings from early church fathers that the poet Scott Cairns has adapted and translated. I think I started this book about a year ago, and I read through the prayers and writings slowly over the course of the year. I read about 30 pages today to finish up the book.

I also read a few pages in Peter Campion's book of poetry, The Lions. That's another book I started awhile ago, but I stalled with this one and plan to finish it up in the next hour. I have 18 more student tests to go as well.

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